What’s The Linda Vista Update all about?

To inform people about Linda Vista and its surrounding areas, not only of what is happening currently in the community, but of the rich history of this vibrant gem in the heart of San Diego.

This will include stories of the early days of Linda Vista with its ties to the fishing industry, its importance in helping the war effort in the 1940’s, the story of immigration of people from Southeast Asia in the 1970’s, the thriving businesses of today including the great diversity of restaurant cuisines, and much more.  We will interview people with their stories of what brought them to Linda Vista and what keeps them here.  Of course, the Update will be very topical and will keep you advised of the workings of such organizations as the Linda Vista Town Council, Planning Group and Recreation Advisory Council. Restaurants will be reviewed, and parks, recreation areas, entertainment venues also will be highlighted.  Political decisions by our City Council, Board of Supervisors, and Mayor as well as Assembly and Congressional representatives will be brought to your attention.  

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Steve and Betty Rodriguez

Steve and Betty Rodriguez are residents of Linda Vista.