Positive Changes for Linda Vista

Plus, Three Lingering LV Mysteries, and Upcoming Community Events

As our community reemerges from the Dark Ages of the COVID-19 crisis, it is nice to see some very positive changes occurring around the neighborhood. New businesses, some construction, and improvements to current businesses are clearly visible.

Of course, we have already featured Linda Vista’s new Sushi restaurant—Sushi Yorimichi—in last week’s post. This is a welcome addition to our community’s culinary scene. (You can read the previous LV Update post about the restaurant here)

However, there’s a few other changes, and initial signs of upcoming changes, we want to make you aware of.

First, there’s the upcoming addition of a new Domino’s Pizza in the Linda Vista Plaza Shopping Center. According to our sources, the new Domino’s will open up around the October/November time frame. Now, I know what you’re thinking—there’s already a Pizza Hut at the other end of the Shopping Center. But I strongly believe in the old adage…you can never have too much pizza.

Second, the ancient, weather beaten blue canopy that has long sat atop the set of businesses at the corner of Linda Vista Road and Ulric has finally come down. The above photo was taken during the removal process. According to tenant business owners, a new canopy will soon be installed.

Third, Pearl Hair Salon has opened in the space long occupied by Foxy Hair Salon in the Linda Vista Plaza Shopping Center.

Fourth, the Linda Vista Town Council, working in conjunction with the Ebenezer Church, recently installed a beautiful mural (see above photo at beginning of this story) on the wall of the building hosting the Comstock Market and San Diego Dry Cleaners, adjacent to the Linda Vista Library.

Fifth, construction has finally begun on the long awaited apartment complex at 7050 Friars Road, across the street from the Fashion Valley Mall, at the southernmost border of Linda Vista. The complex is being developed by Fairfield Residential. Completion of the apartment complex is estimated for 2023.

Sixth, there is a new medical clinic being planned for the building complex that hosts Skateworld. This medical office is on the east side of the building, facing the Linda Vista Library, and will occupy an office space that has long been vacant. The clinic happens to be located a few feet away from the new mural.

Finally, a bright new sign has just been installed at Las Cumbres Square—home of the ever-popular Mr Peabody’s Burgers and Ale (located at the corner of Friars Road and Via Las Cumbres).

We hope to see more positive changes throughout our community in the near future.

Three Lingering Linda Vista Mysteries

While wandering through the Linda Vista neighborhood the past few months in search of informative, interesting and fun news to be published in this newsletter, I have done my best to unearth many of our community’s little known stories and hidden gems. However, while conducting my research, I’ve encountered three curious enigmas offering no easy explanations. These LV mysteries continue to trouble me. I can’t seem to get to the bottom of these perplexing cases. I’m hoping to take advantage of crowdsourcing by asking LV Update readers to shed some light on the three mysteries outlined below.

Linda Vista Mystery # 1. I’ve been trying to figure out the connection between the American Legion post (located at the corner of Linda Vista Road and Genesee Avenue) and the locomotive that is mysteriously parked in the post’s parking lot. I’ve always assumed there must be some sort of military related connection. In order to solve this mystery, I ended up asking around Linda Vista to get the straight scoop, but it turns out my investigating resulted in uncovering three wildly different possibilities. Now I’m not sure which of these theories listed below I should take as the truth. I’ll let you readers decide for yourselves as to which one might be correct:      

1.     According to a couple Linda Vista old timers, the vehicle is the last remaining artifact from the little known Civil War skirmish referred to by historians as the Battle of Linda Vista Hollow. The vehicle supposedly ferried Union reinforcements and supplies to the battle front until it was captured by Confederate troops.  

2.     A few Linda Vista military veterans insisted the vehicle is actually a failed prototype of what is now known as the cutting edge F-35 combat aircraft, used today by the Air Force, Marine Corps and several of our allies.  You might ask…”But where are the wings?”  DUH!  That’s why it’s a failed  prototype!

3.     One local film buff insists that the train locomotive is an authentic Hollywood prop from the little known Agatha Christie World War I mystery flick titled Murder on the Linda Vista Express.   

Linda Vista Mystery # 2. What’s with the X = ? banner?  What message is it signaling? And to whom? Unfortunately, the mysterious banner hanging on the side of the nondescript building located at 5404 Napa Street reminds me too much of the algebra equations that plagued me in high school. I suffer from math anxiety, which leads me to feel nervous every time I pass by this building.  Could this building be a secret meeting place for algebra teachers?  A place where they sit around, drink beer, and make fun of students (like me) who struggled in their algebra classes?  Or is the answer something more intergalactic in nature?  Is the X = ? banner a cryptic message meant for the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) that have reportedly been spotted off the San Diego coast by U.S. Navy aviators?  In this case, the banner could actually be referred to as a different sort of UAP…an Unidentified Algebra Problem.  

Linda Vista Mystery # 3. Finally, there is the image painted on the façade of The Carl, a new apartment complex located at 5548 Riley Street, close to the University of San Diego (USD). The web site for the apartment complex describes The Carl has having been started by a group of “USD alumni for USD students.”  According to the web site,  the owners of the apartment complex “believe that providing the best all-inclusive student housing in a stress-free environment will help you achieve your most successful academic career.” 

But who exactly is Carl?  Based on his image, he seems like a nice, friendly guy. I figure you have to be really special to have an image of yourself on the side of a building. I have asked my wife if I can paint my image on the side of our townhouse and rename the townhouse The Steve. She has promised to get back to me with her answer.   


I encourage Linda Vista Update readers to let us know if they have legitimate answers to any of three above mysteries. We will credit you in a future post of this newsletter.          

Upcoming Community Events

District 79 Meet and Greet. Assemblywoman Dr. Akilah Weber and her staff will be hosting a District Meet and Greet on June 14 (Monday) from 5 to 6 pm. Dr. Weber represent California's 79th Assembly District, which includes parts of Linda Vista, Southeast San Diego, Bonita, Chula Vista, La Mesa, Lemon Grove and National City.

You can register for the Meet and Greet by clicking here.

Movie Night. The Linda Vista Recreation Center will be hosting a Movie Night on July 16, 2021. See the poster below for details.

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